Toyota Hilux Official Licensed Product Ride-on Car Four Wheel Drive-2x12V7Ah Batteries


🚗 Toyota Hilux Kids Ride-On 4X4: Where Adventure Begins! 🌟🎶

Our Hilux has batteries  2x12V7 Ah=14 Ah, with 4x 12V 35W 12000RPM motor. that makes the Car drive on the grass or off-road with good speed and long time.

Buckle up for excitement with our Toyota Hilux Kids Ride-On, a 4X4 powerhouse designed for little adventurers aged 3-8. Packed with 2 batteries (12V7 Ah each) and 4 robust 12V550C 20-45W 12000RPM each motor, this ride-on conquers grassy terrains with ease.

Safety meets style with solid rubber wheels, leather seats, and a sleek design. Parents take the reins with a 2.4G remote control overriding or mobile app control, ensuring a secure and controlled experience. Key-start ignition, LED lights, and Bluetooth connectivity add flair to the driving experience.

With specs like a maximum load capacity of 50 kg, 2×2-4×4 switch, and automatic gear, this ride-on is built for a thrilling adventure. Available in Red or White, it’s not just a toy; it’s a cool choice for young drivers. 🚙 #HiluxAdventure #KidsRideOn

Note:1- The car with 4 motors is better for driving on off-rd and Grass.

2- Our car has remote work overriding at the same time when kids drive.



Toyota Hilux kids ride-on four-wheel drive car with Remote Control and can control with App Mobile, Solid rubber wheels, and Leather seats.

Our Hilux has 2 batteries 12V7 Ah=14 Ah, with 4x 12V35W 12000RPM motors that make the CAR drive on grass with good speed.

In this ride on a car,4X4 has great speed when your children driving on grass or off-road, it has solid rubber wheels and an automatic stop mechanism when the foot is lifted off the power pedal.

It’s the best quality ride on a battery-powered car, with a strong design. solid rubber wheels, This ride-on car suits 2- children aged  3-8 years old. Maximum weight: 50kg.

the car can be controlled by parents with a 2.4 G remote control or with an App mobile.

the Toyota Hilux kid’s car, which has keys with LED lights, is a cool choice.

The cool thing about this model is that has Bluetooth, MP3, USB, input and SD CARD so the kids can enjoy their favourite music while driving
Available in: Red / White/


Product Features

  • Pedal with automatic stopping mechanism
  • The car can be controlled by parents with a 2.4 G  Remote control or with an App mobile.
  • Remote control Override at the same time when kids drive
  • LED lights front and back
  • Sounds: Horn / Music System/Fm Radio
  • Bluetooth/MP3 / T F (SD Card) / USB
  • Battery power Indicator
  • Volume control
  • 2x leather seats with 2 Seat belts
  • EVA wheels(solid rubber)
  • Key start
  • Automatic gear
  • Switch: 2×2-4×4
  • Dark tinted Windscreen


Technical specifications:

Remote control override

Charge time 8-12/h
Speed range: 3-5 km/h
Motors: 4x motor  35W 12V 12000RPM
Battery Power: 2X 12V7AH Rechargeable Battery
Maximum load capacity: up to 50 kg
Key start
Automatic gear

Remote Control:2.4 G

Suits 2- children aged  3-8 years old.

Maximum weight: 50kg.


Dimensions and weight

Car Size :140 x 92 x 74 cm

Product weight: 31 kg

Box size: 139x76x52 cm

Package weight (G.W.):  37 kg

Box size: 139x76x52 cm


BOX Contents:

1 x Offical Licensed Toyota Hilux ride-on With one BOX batteries: 2 x 12V 7 AH

1 x Remote Control

1 x Power Adaptor: Charger 12V1000mA

1 x Instruction Manual

This product was made in China


Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 139 × 76 × 52 cm

Black, White, Shiny Red


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