Police car Ford Ranger with remote control

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Electric licensed Ford ranger police kid car is realistically flashing lightbar with sound necessary for those exciting car chases. Open the working doors to be welcomed with all the essentials of great fun on the dashboard: a keys start, horn, forward/reverse switch, speed switch, accelerator pedal, music controls, and even MP3, USB Bluetooth connectivity to add to the built-in music that will keep your child entertained for hours. Once the upgraded 55 Watts each motor into action, the ride-on police car handles exceptionally well with its smooth steering wheel and anti-slip tires for a whole lot of gripping fun.

Safety is also foremost in our minds with this ride-on police car. The wide comfy leather seat comes with a handy seat belt while an adult remote override control allows you to take over should the situation require your intervention. Better still, the ride-on car ensures gradual acceleration and deceleration to avoid sudden starts or stops that may rattle your child.

With a run time of up to two hours on the single charge from the 12V 10 Am battery, the ride-on car is easily rechargeable for even more fun on repeat mode.


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Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 134 × 75 × 44 cm


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