Mercedes AMG, G Wagon 12 volts, with solid rubber wheels and remote control

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Introducing the all-new Mercedes G Wagon-AMG for young adventurers! This sleek ride features a realistic dashboard with engine sound effects, twin 12V motors, and a remote control system for parental guidance. With MP3, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlights, and EVA  Wheels anti-slip tires, it’s packed with entertainment and safety. The car’s sturdy construction supports speeds up to 5km/h, while the swaying motion adds an extra thrill. Perfect for ages 3-7, this G Wagon ensures a stylish and secure journey for your little ones. Upgrade their playtime with luxury and excitement!

  • Product features:
  •  Bluetooth connect Mobile
    • Powered by twin motors: 12 volt- 380#15000 RPM
    • Play your kids’ favourite music via the new In-line MP3 port, USB, or Bluetooth with full play/stop and volume control on the dashboard.
    • Equipped with battery indicator, quality LED headlights,
    • forward and reverse gears
    • the car can swing up and down with a switch button
    • Your kid can drive it like a real car through a foot pedal and steering wheel or you can take full control of the steering, forward, and reverse directions via parental remote/APP mobile/ handset when needed.
    • The sturdy construction and seat belt offer full support at speeds up to 5km/h
    • Remote control system: remote overriding:  2.4GH
    • App Mobile/ control the car also same remote
    • Battery-operated with Charging protection
    • Left and Right Turn Functions
    • Forward and Reverse Functions
    • LED Headlights
    • Leather seat/ seat belt/3-part belt
    • EVA Wheel: solid rubber wheels
    • USB, MP3 input, function with adjustable volume
    • The back wheel suspension system
    • 2 doors can open


    Technical specification

    Running speed:3-5 km/h

    2x motor: 12 volt- 380#15000 RPM

    Suitable age: 3-7 Years old

    Maximum Weight unit 30 kg.

    Battery 12V 4.5 AH Rechargeable

    Dimensions and weight

    Product dimensions: 107 x 66 x 55 Cm

    Product weight  15.5 kg

    Box weight: 18 kg

    Box size: 100 x 54.5  x 43.5 cm

    Package contents

    • Ride-on car
    • Charger 12V 1000 mA
    • Remote control
    • Instruction manual

    This product is made in China



Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 100 × 55 × 44 cm

White, Hot pink, Shiny black


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